Supporting Beth Judah
Our synagogue is a place where we can feel connected to our Jewish roots; a source of great strength and comfort; a place that touches us, has touched us, at some of the most significant moments of our lives. Dues and donations enable us to provide these things, not as a fee paid for benefits offered, but as an investment in ourselves, our children, our community and future generations.

Beth Judah has faced many challenges in its 100 year history but it has survived because previous generations recognized and fulfilled their responsibility toward its preservation. We believe that Beth Judah is a place that is worth your commitment, a place to gather alongside others committed to the rewarding work of creating a vital Jewish community. From generation to generation, it is our responsibility and our legacy to share. When you donate or join Beth Judah you help to ensure that we have the resources to meet the future needs of the Jewish community in Cape May County.