MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD of Beth Judah Temple 2020-2022

Beth Judah Temple began over 105 years ago with a group of dedicated visionaries whose common desire was to create a spiritual home for a community of committed Jews leading deeply passionate and deliberate American Jewish lives for themselves and their children. This founding generation contributed to Beth Judah by weaving together a tapestry of Jewish values, Jewish practices and Jewish experiences creating a Judaism infused with meaning and relevance. Our task is to ensure that this journey endures for future generations.

We believe in the continuity of tradition and ritual while at the same time meeting the challenge to integrate tradition with modernity in order to create a meaningful vision of Judaism for our day. We come from diverse backgrounds and have different levels of knowledge and observance. Yet, we all share a sense of Jewish identity and allegiance.

Our focus as the current Board of Beth Judah is to strive to grow Beth Judah as a place of community and friendship, a place to be inspired through prayer, a place for lifelong learning, and a place where every person makes a difference.

We want our time at Beth Judah to be an open one, where input, feedback and ideas are welcomed and valued. Please don’t be a bystander – there is room and a need for everyone to contribute in order for us to reach our aspirations. Send us an email at Let us know what we can do make Beth Judah an anchor in the Cape May County Jewish Community, and an anchor in your life.

President's Message